I was watching HBO’s Deadwood (great show). The phone rings, It’s Robin’s brother telling me to go check out my website. I come up stairs to the computer room and notice myspace messages and flashing IM’s filling the screen. Telling me that my site was HaXoReD, their words not mine.

Damn. Damn. Damn.

He left a strangely apologetic message on the front page, informing me to worry more about security. Also some strange files he seemed to have uploaded. I think they are best left alone until some one smarter than I am can have a look to see what they are.

It wasn’t so bad. Nothing of mine was deleted or altered. For that, Mr. IGuan0d0n (ig-n@hotmail.com), I am grateful.

Some google’n turned up some other sites hacked by him. Based on what he said else were, he really doesn’t like Americans or Israelis. Why the hostility? On principle alone should i hate you back? naaa..

To all other webmasters that I have linked here, It may be a good idea to change some Ftp and word press passwords….


Like a true American I reach out a hand of friendship to the person whom hacked into the website. I congratulated him on his L33T hacking skillz and asked if he would tell me how he got access. I received the following reply:

Realy iam sorry friend ….

don’t worry i didn’t cause any damage …

i just changed the index

What a sweetheart, eh?

It’s been pointed out he is a Egyptian Muslim Hacker…wait, don’t laugh yet….That’s why he hates Americans and Israelis. Ok. You can laugh now. Sounds like a character out of some cheesy story.

Anyway. Change your passwords and make some back-ups just in case. If I piss off this guy he might come back :-)


This took an unexpected turn. The hacker sent me another email asking me to message him on MSN. Could be interesting.

At first I thought I was dealing with someone whom did not speak English well.

I had made back-ups of my files and changed my passwords to something stronger so he could not gain access. Or so I thought. I slightly insulted the guy by telling him to ‘pound sand’ (hey I was mad) and instantly his English improved 10 fold as he Hacked into my site yet again.


I apologized for the insult and tried to get back on the topic of who he was and why he hacked sites.

This is what I learned:
Mr. IGuan0d0n is a 16 year old Egyptian. He is proud of his religion and proud to be Egyptian. He speaks English pretty well. Seems to be a pretty smart kid. He is a huge fan of Kevin Mitnick.

I asked why he hated Americans and he said that he did not. The impression I got was that he doesn’t like the perceived American as seen in foreign media.

Here is a sample of a part of our conversation:

Kris says: I respect ALL religion.
Mr.IGuan0d0nsays: :-)
Kris says: when I travel to Muslim countries like Kuwait or Saudi Arabia. I try to be very respectful and understanding of your ways.
Kris says: I know some Americans do not. I am sorry about that.
Mr.IGuan0d0n says:

He seemed very interested that I was in the service. He had a negative image of what an American forces person was like and how they acted. Hopefully by talking to me, he no longer has that misconception.

He repeatedly apologised for hacking my site. (twice, but the second time i did deserve it)

There was some Jokes about the U.S. being ‘the beast’ and Boasting of Egyptian Intelligence.

By the end of the conversation I found myself laughing and joking along with him. He called me his friend and promised to tell his buddies that all americans are not bad after all. He asked if I would be back on MSN again and talk to him sometime. I agreed.

I look forward to hearing anything else he might say and hope to present my point of view as an American.

Mr. IGuan0d0n might be defacing website to shout to the world what he currently believes to be true. (Which is wrong. So if your reading this, Cut that shit out. There are other, legal, ways to present.) But the kid is open minded and respectful. Asking questions instead of taking stereo types for granted. Not what I expected.

I set out to insult a childish hacker. Instead I met an Intelligent kid with a good sense of humor, Who I think will go far.

Back to the hacking, There is a hole in IPB. something they don’t know about yet. That’s how he got in. So if you have IPB, get the latest updates. not sure it will help. Once the forums we’re closed he told me that he could no longer gain access to my site.

That’s it for now.

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  1. Elessar  July 9, 2006

    lol, not laughing at you, but Nik IM’d me and immediately backed everything up :) Gald your back online…at least this ‘hacker’ didnt delete anything vital.

  2. Elessar  July 10, 2006

    Breaking and entering comes to mind…seriouslym, i dont care how nice he was, i would still ask authorities what my options are. Letting this fool go around and hack peoples sites is bullshit. I dont fucking care if he doesnt like Americans, he can kiss my irish-american ass and go to hell. Fucking Egyptian bastard…

  3. Joe  July 10, 2006

    Amy actually noticed it beofre I did, I just decided to call. I figured Robin would be sleeping and you would answer the phone and I would comment on your new theme :) and how simple it was! But Robin answered anyway.

  4. J.D.  July 12, 2006

    Hey Kris! Thanks for stoppin’ by my site 😀 I downloaded the Prey demo the other day, and it was pretty hot, I just haven’t tried the multiplayer as of yet. From what I hear, it’s one of THE games to get!

    And I’ll add you to my XBL friends list this evening when I get home. Look for me, my gamertag is XeqtioneR

  5. croconile  July 19, 2006

    LOL ,im an egyptian muslim hacker too.
    It’s always good to know that not all forigners are racists.

    But don’t IM hackers cuz that’s a very easy way to hack.

    check the latest security updates if you don’t want to see those lame messages again 😀

    “I work in the dark & i get what i want”
    “Hacking is the game hacker is the name”

    TC buddy.


  6. Grey Ash  July 20, 2006

    This guy recently registered on my forums and not long afterwards, I was hacked. He wasn’t very nice about it though. He damaged my site so badly I had to take it down. However, it may have been the other hacker that registered there. Someone with the email ‘jeremy_d_finch@yahoo.com’ or something like that. =/

  7. MsFreud  July 28, 2006

    I wish I had been able to get ahold of the MF who hacked http://www.aafessucks.com... I was hacked directly from my cPanel- so I couldn’t track them.
    Good on you making a great impression on someone. Enough of the world hates us as it is.

  8. croconile  July 29, 2006

    MsFreud what kind of cpanel are u using???

    check the last login ip or search the logs!!

  9. Daeph  August 1, 2006

    Mr. Iguanad0n visited my site as well (today actually). Because of this post, I think I’m going to actually approach him and appeal to his open-mindedness. The forums I use however are YaBB 2.1 – although it is php/mysql based, so maybe that’s the key.

  10. IGuan0d0n  August 2, 2006

    Oh! That’s me .. Mr.IGuan0d0n ..
    First Of all .. I must thank all ..

    And a special thank for my Friend Kris ..
    I want to hear from you at MSN Messenger .. wait u

  11. Oshaxore  May 16, 2009

    I am a grey hat hacker updates are not the key, to keeping
    your websites and pages safe from hackers, this is a good way to keep out most of them however you will need to change your passwords frequently and encrypt all of your files just google how to encrypt files/doc’s and your on way to no longer being a victim of childish pranks however for those of you whom would rather not know because of breaking and entering well its your loss if you lose money, time, webpages, websites, HACKERS like myself are here to try and help you! Crackerz also known as Criminal Hackers/ Black Hat/ are out to destroy you to gain fortune,fame,respect and it does not matter wether it is legal or not, and Hackers try very hard to be unoticed while they fix your p.c. or mac you might actually have been saved by this guy from Egypt be thankful he did nothing to destroy you and your life,

  12. OlhoNaTV  July 28, 2009

    It’s so hacked!


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