Green Park Theme Review

It’s been awhile since I’ve browsed through I was very happy with the look, feel and functionality of ‘Vistered Little’, I thought it might be a good time for a change of scenery while waiting on the next theme release from Nik at

After going through pages of badly designed or just plain ugly themes, Something caught my eye, Green Park Theme by Cordobo.

Green Park is still in beta (ver 0.9.2) but seems to function quite well. The only noticeable bugs I have ran into comes into play with the Flickr and Youtube plugin pages. Both the side bars will render below the content and not along the top where they belong. It’s likely that the problem is the fault of the plug ins and not the theme.

Now the default bright neon yellow Green Park color scheme is not for everyone. I had almost abandoned the idea of using the theme due to the colors. However, there is a very nice tutorial on customizing the color layout using either photoshop or gimp. This guide includes a css converter so that you wont have to manually edit code. It took roughly 10 minutes to convert the images and code to a slate blue.

Green Park is worth checking out. I predict it’s popularity will continue to grow as Cordobo updates it. Perhaps it may earn a spot in the top 10 wordpress themes. I look forward to checking back with this designer to see what he does next.



  1. Cordobo  October 7, 2006

    Hi Kris,

    the work of Green Park is in progress, 0.92 Beta 1 is the sixth release of the theme and there are a lot to come.

    Within the next releases I’ll include snnicky’s tutorial or a kind of widget to change the colors (todo-list for 0.93) with a single click. Or a Blue Park as it`s one of the most famous colors picked by the users.

    Best regards,


  2. Nik  October 8, 2006


    J/K … this theme caught my attention as well.

  3. Robert  October 12, 2006

    I too choose blue, but It took me a bit longer to change the colors on my page. I also did a small bit of custom work on the size of the sub nav bar under the Headline where it says HOME ABOUT, etc etc


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