Great defeat

Bright Green Fields That Span For Miles
Ending Only Where They Meet The Ocean
The Faint Sound Of Weapons Clashing
Are Echoing In The Distance
The Bodies Of The Innocent
Lay Still In The Once Beautiful
Landscape Scarred By This Insane War
The Sounds Die Down….And There Is Nothing Left

The Great Castle, Now In Ruins
A Proud Man Stands Strong, As He Turns Around
Blood Stain’d Sword Held Close To His Heart
On The Other End, Holding The Blade
A Tired Dark Man He Once Called Brother

“Call This Your Redemption,
Oh, How You Proved Yourself
Shed Blood, Got Your War.
Now Come Take What You Have Just Won”

Sound Of Metal Hitting The Stone Ground
With All It’s Glory Lay The Prize

The Dark Man Stood Still Without A Sound

“Take Your Prize!….NEW KING!!..Pick Up YOUR Crown!”

Silently He Thrust His Stain’d Sword
The Former King Fell To His Knee’s and
Whispered “Enjoy Your Kingdom….King”

The Dark Man Stands Alone In Ashes
As He Looked Around He Realized
This Hadn’t Been What He Fought For
The Ends Did Not Outway The Means
Absolutely Everything he wanted….Lost
Not Even The Castle, Nor Throne To Be Claimed
Pierced His Own Heart With His Actions
He Lay There Crying, In his Kingdoms Blood
His Heart Full Of Shame…
His Great Victory, His Great Defeat


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