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I did a check on what people were searching for on Google and thus visited Stealthfiction. I’m a bit shocked by a few of the terms.

Do a google search for “pictures of people peeing on the floor in the mall” and Stealthfiction comes up number 1. yeah, what the fuck? granted I did mention a guy pissing on the floor of a bar during robin’s birthday, and a girl who was tripping on absinthe, pissed on the floor, in the absinthe smuggler story but none of this happened in a mall… so fuck you Google. To the deviant who preformed the search, I’m sorry you didn’t find any pissing on mall floors here, but come back again soon!

How about a search for “purextc problem” and “ down” this was searched for 5 or 6 times and Stealthfiction was listed 6th. O.k. yeah I mentioned purextc in a post before, yeah it’s a great porn site, it sucks that it hasn’t been updated. I don’t know what the problem is. Sorry I can’t help more, We share a love of porn sites and that’s awesome so thanks for stopping by. (note: check out as a purextc replacement)

“Profound Invention” Listed 6th. Reason, The Sunset Flip drink post. Hey, probably not what you were looking for but If you make It, I’m sure you’ll see how ‘Profound’ it really is.

“Secretary flirting with boss” 9th. Fuckin’ A! reason: why I fired my secretary script. If you’re the boss, congrats. if you’re the secretary, shoot me an email, I may have a job for you.

“Arranged marriages should be banned” 4th. Reason: gay marriage post. Clearly you have been set up to be married to an extremely ugly or fat spouse. Good luck in your campaign to end arranged marriages.

“Stop the killing of seals” 9th. Reason: myspace stupidity post. So you wanna stop seals getting killed. Fuck you buddy, killing seals is great.

“Huge bottle fuck” 6th. Huh? What kind of person does Google think I am? I swear I’m going to have to include a link to a sexual deviant support group.

Edit: A good one today, “marriage fucking sucks” Number 1! Reason: a line from the diary story. My reply: Marriage sucks? No shit.

Most people would be shamed by having their site listed for some of these search stings. Not me, keep sending the freaks my way Google, get enough of ’em reading and I can put up some adsense ads and become a full time blogger. Then I could quit my job, drink my profound invention, watch bottle fucking pornstars all day while flirting with my seal killing, floor pissing, secretary. Life would be good.



  1. Joe  October 19, 2006

    You should see some of the searches that lead to Amy’s site. Yeah, I posted this comment on my Mac :)


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