Trying To Fall Asleep
Here Alone In My Bed
Thoughts Invade My Mind
Memories Fill My Head
Eyes Getting Heavy
Sleep Is Taking Hold
Feelings Rise Inside
Close My Eyes-I’m Cold

Can’t Predict The Future
Can’t Undo Time
Am I Still In Your Dreams?
I’ve Been Betrayed By Mine

Thinking About The Past
The Times I Held You Near
Felt Pain In Your Heart
Wanting To Ease Your Fear

Look Into Your Eyes
I Can See Your Soul
Breathing In Your Breath
Hard To Keep Control

The Warmth Of Your Skin
Hands Touching Your Face
Wiped Away Your Tears
Caught In Your Embrace

Can’t Wait Till I See You
Can’t Change My Fate
Destiny Not Certain
God, I’m So Afraid

New Scene Comes In Focus
Standing In A Hospital Room
Gazing Through The Window
Doctor’s Lies Consume
Father’s Breaths Are Shallow
In Death’s Bed He Laid
You Held His Hand With Love
As You Knelt Down And Prayed

Gave Me More than You Know
Keep The Promises I Made
I’ll Pay You Back
Heart Free Of Jade

Reality Hits Me Hard
Off The Alarm Clock Goes
Three AM Your Not Here
I’m Not The One You Chose
Life With Out You Is Tough
Can’t Change How I Feel
You’re There When I Need You
In Time Wounds Will Heal
There’s Love Still Between Us
Even If You Can’t Say
You Know I’ll Be There
When New Friends Go Away

We’re Not Together
People Say You’ve Changed
You’re With Someone Else
But What We Have-Wont Fade


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