Exam Time. Invision Stats

I am sceduled to take the Realtor Exam on thursday. Cost $85.00 Hopefully I’ll get enough study time in before the actual test.

I Called about my investor profile with First Horizon. bobby wasn’t in the office so i left a voice mail. I am ready to grab another house ASAP.

Fixed a problem with the Real-Estate section. It did not copy over all my previous posts from when I hosted it directly with Invision. I spent the last 30 minutes making sure all the data is here now. the Invision Blog is set as a re-direct to here now.

Some stats from the Invision Blog at the time I switched to my own site:

21 total entries. 0nly 6 others had more posts.
3,470 Views. 3rd Highest Count on Invision
18 Comments 5th highest Comment Count
4.1 out of 5 Stars. Top Rated Blog on Invision

I’m quite happy with the success the project had with Invision. Thanks Guys hope you’ll still come over hear to read.



  1. Aaron  April 27, 2006

    Your project is very interesting. Looking forward to further updates over here!

  2. Adam Kinder  May 2, 2006

    I’ve been following the progress also, my girlfriend is interested in getting into the real estate market. If you have any pointers or helpful information let me know, I’ll be sure to pass it along to her.


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