Drinking Alone!

got home about an hour ago after being out drinking by myself and got the idea to write about it…

It takes a special kind of person to go out to a bar by them self and Drink alone. If you’ve ever been at home and going insane with boredom hopefully this will help you….

I’m not a very social person. I have a few good friends that I’ve known for years. Meeting new people is quit frankly; a pain in the ass.

So let’s say it’s 11:00 at night and your bored to hell, your in a city or town that you hardly know anyone and out of the few people you do know, none of them can hang out with you for what ever reason. what are your options?

A) sit around doing nothing.
B) watch TV or playing on the computer.
C) try to just go to sleep.
D) go out by yourself.

A, B, and C are easy. lets say you’ve chose A, B, or C a million times and are ready to do something different! F@ck it go out alone.

So you Go out. First thing you need to figure out is where to?
Are you into county, rock, dancing, jazz, rap, sports bar, etc.

what ever, i don’t care and it doesn’t matter.
there are rules that must be followed to be successful when your out drinking alone…..

You must look like it’s your choice to be alone.
You must not expect anything.
You must not care.
You must drink.

If you follow these three simple steps, er, i mean four simple steps then no matter who you are, or what the circumstance, you’ll have a better time.

start things off right and order a shot as soon as you get there.

avoid beer for the first hour and have stronger drinks then switch to beer or drink slower later. the idea is to catch a buzz early so you can safely drive home later.

make random eye contact with people of the opposite sex and give a slight smile. (regardless if you find them attractive or are looking to hook up) Confidance.

After awhile of drinking and following the above rules and suggestions, even the most anti-social of bastards will be able to get their foot in the door. eventually someone will take notice and when they do, a simple ” hey, what’s up?” will do wonders.

you might have a good conversation, make a new friend or go home with someone… who knows, from there it’s all up to you and what your looking for.



  1. Beercrazyjen  April 18, 2006

    Wow. I never thought guys were self concious about drinking alone. Actually drinking alone in Philly is easy because everyone is so friendly and you can make friends who will buy you shots after about 5 minutes. In Dover, you can sit at the damn bar all night long and people just ignore you. I hate drinking alone in this town but I too have done it a few times. Anymore though I just stay home and pop an Ambien and try to forget my night existed.


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