You ask me what it means
I can’t explain it but
I’ll go ahead and try

No words to describe it but
I’ll do the best I can
Needed time to collect my thoughts
And I waited
So I could lay this in your hand

There was a time when I wouldn’t believe
I could look into your eye’s
But you stared at me
A trigger effect the past has
When the future is unclear

Hard for me to forget the damage
That’s been done
When your so close
-And I saw it

Swallowed my fear
Took a leap of faith
And you caught me
Now its your turn to jump
And you asked me
If I would catch you
But I’m already holding on
I Don’t want to let go
-And I want it

I didn’t believe
Time existed
The world so cold
I woke up in your arms and
You stopped it
That’s when I knew

You asked me
I’m trying to tell you
These feelings in me
How can I tell them to you
You should already know
I can’t explain it
These feelings deep inside me
Can’t be put into words
Please tell me you know
Cause I Don’t understand it
With one smile
you bring happiness to my life
With just one word from your lips
Can make me glad I’m alive
with every look you give
Makes me feel like I can fly
And with every touch from you hand
I know…….I know

Once I believed
Time didn’t exist my world so cold
And I woke up in your arms time froze
And I knew………That’s when I knew

Once I believed
Time didn’t exist my world so cold
Then I woke up in your arms and time froze
And I knew………That’s when I knew

Always wanting to be
By your side
I picture the future
Our lives together
You jumped and
I caught you
And I’m glad
I’m Alive

I say I can’t win
I prey your feeling’s
Never change
You reminded me
It’s not a game were playing
I won’t betray you
And if you asked me
I would kill myself again
-And I Felt It

How can I tell you
When you asked me what it means
Asked me how it feels
To love you
I know but I’m Bad
At explaining things
Wouldn’t it be simple
If it where just a game

You Got my heart
And a piece of my soul
If you feel
The same way too
No way we could loose
Cause we both win
I know I love you
I love you
-And I have it


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