The following note was found in the hands of Father Christopher Lee whose body was recovered in the desert outside of Destiny, New Mexico. Although it does not explain what had transpired in the small town, it does provide some insight into the mind of Jack Smith, who is believed to be the brother of serial killer, Randell Smith. The reason why Father Lee had this note on his person is still a mystery. Although the case is years old, Jack Smith is still considered a person of interest. He is wanted for questioning by the New Mexico state police and the Federal Beuro of Investigation . If you or anyone you know has had contact with Mr. Smith you are strongly advised to contact the authorities.

Is this what you wanted to know?

I am the great deceiver. I will promise the universe and deliver a a phantom. In the dark, you will have no choice but to blindly trust that I care. Welcome to a place where you can wish upon a star and at the same time waste your life away, in what to you, seems to be a perfect little world. Your sense of being, it is broken, by a distorted view, that, for my pleasure, I present to you.

I am the great deceiver. A seller of lies, and you will have your fill, I will provide as much as you can afford, take all that you have, and leave you with nothing in return. Father, mother, sister, brother, friends, enemies, bastard children, strangers and whore lovers, because of my skill, you all will one day have faith in me, I will tell you I care, a lie, counted as one, and when I know you are ready, will offer up yet another.

I am the great deceiver. Like all of those before today, you will be caught in a ghost-like reality of deceit, like a fly trapped in the web of a deadly spider, but unlike the doomed fly, you will happily wait to be consumed. I am the great deceiver. Spread the gospel of the ways in which I can make you feel. A dark heartless Casanova, bear witness to all, that you, and you alone, are truly loved by me.

I am the great deceiver. After you have willing given me all I have wanted, I will smile and be pleased, not with you, but with myself, for yet another victory. I am the great deceiver. When your purpose has been served, I am indifferent to your continued existence and I am amused at your insistence. Contrary to what I have taught you to believe, you are merely a nuisance to be tolerated.

I am the great deceiver. Even after I have told you my true nature, you will persist that I am lying, when it is the only truth I have told. I am the great deceiver. Aside from these truths, you mean absolutely nothing to me.

I am the great deceiver, and I am not alone. We have built this foundation and it shall become our legacy.

Jackin Smith


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