Day 99: Got the house! +Updates

Deal one:
bad news.

in MD. we were scheduled to close on the first however the buyers bank didn’t do everything they wanted to and now the date is moved to the 15th. damn banks. good news is we got another $500 deposit to cover the delay.

more on that the current tenant is being a huge pain in the ass and hasn’t moved yet. i was extremely nice to here because she has a young son. i let her go without paying rent so she could find a new place. i must have been too nice and now I’m being taken advantage of. I’m done playing Mr nice, we went to the court to start the eviction proceedings. cover all the bases. i feel like if i don’t start this it might put the sale in jeopardy and the tenant NEVER LEAVING

Deal two:
good news.

in DE. Well the sellers are all moved out, there was a delay because they had so much stuff. it understandable and they are a nice couple so i didn’t mind waiting. they are leaving a hell of allot of stuff behind and on top of that i think if i have a yard sale i could make a few hundred just selling the old stuff they are leaving.

although i took legal possession today, closing has to be rescheduled because of the lateness. no problem though i feel this is all working out fine.

bad news.

what can i say, they both fell through. i call everyone a few hours before leaving on an appointment to make sure they are home and establish some pre meeting report with them. bad news is i didn’t receive an answer on ether one when i called back and haven’t got a return call. so either they changed their mind, forgot or lost interest. doest matter. if they need my help they will call me back eventually. no time to feel bad a meeting or deal falls through. there is always one waiting.

Other: had a few more calls some interesting people. none really serious it seems based on the conversations but i do have yet another appointment anyway.

we’ll that about raps up this past week. I’ll be back next time something interesting happens.


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