Day 84: REI Blog Overhaul

had some downtime today and thought it would be a good idea to add some content to the blog. i used the content block feature. if you look to the right you’ll see 3 new blocks.

the 1st one will show: the total profit amount of real estate and deals I’m working on and completed. I’ll add more but those are all the ones i could think of at the time.

the 2nd block will keep a running tab on all the money i spent. I’m sure i forgot a few things but from now on everything i spend will be logged.

the 3rd block is just the list of the goals i st when i created this blog. i guess i’ll cross things out as they become completed.

I also wanted to use the gallery to and a gallery block to show the pictures of one of the deals i am working on however it seems to be down at the moment. as soon as its back up you’ll see it. the other thing i thought would be a cool idea would be a timer counting down to the 1 year mark but i don’t think invision allows html in content blocks. i could be wrong so if anyone knows for sure how to do it let me know please.


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