Day 83: A Call, Top Rated Blog. Phone.

Day 83: Next Call. Top Rated Blog? Phone.

Second Call:

I received a call from a motivated seller yesterday. He had a Mobile on a half acre lot. I told him i don’t know much about mobile homes but would be happy to take a drive by to see if i would be interested in talking to him further.

After 45 minutes of looking for it i noticed an extremely run down place back behind some trees off the street. further inspection reveled it was the address he mentioned. this place was so bad that i don’t even know what was holding it up.. There may be money to make in a property like this but i felt it is to big for me so i walked away.

it’s better to walk away on something that could make you money than not walk away and be stuck loosing a lot of money…

Top Rated invision Blog:

well not really because i only have 7 votes but overall rating of a 4.0. higher than Cterry’s overall rating but he has a hell of a lot more votes than me. (i like cterrys blog gave him a 5) so if you happen to be reading this blog please vote. i would like to get an idea of if this blog actually has some readers. oh, and if you are reading this…it wouldn’t kill ya to leave a comment or two. tongue.gif

Phone Replaced:

the Xv6600 was a decent phone but after only 3 days the problems proved to be to great.
1. to balky. built in wi-fi. extra $200 for an SD card.
3. not loud on either end. i kept having to ask people to repeat themselves. they would ask the same.

so after much research I chose to replace it with the Samsung I-730 ( so far its getting excellent reviews and should compliment my business well.


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