Day 77: New House. New Toy

i met with the seller. gave the presentation and made an offer. he needed to thinkit over for a few days it over and then he called me and excepted the deal. basicly i handed him over $10.00 and he’s walking away and i’ll make the payments from now on.

we close on the first of the month….the other house in md is also closing on the first. how cool is that.

im excited that this is working. hope no major problems come up. we’ll see.

NEW TOY. well my basic cell phone just wasnt cutting it. i spung the cash and bought the XV660 PDA/phone/camera. i like how if im on the road i can still check my email and i have all the contracts, excel sheets and contact numbers all in one spot. i no longer need to carry around the digital camera for work because this has one built in. good times.


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