Day 66: Look the part = credibility

I have the meeting with the seller tomorrow. I want to look professional yet, not to professional. everything I’ve read has told me to never show up to a house dressed better than a prospective seller. They also say, don’t show up dressed worse either. Is that possible? the experts suggest to research the area to find out the income range and life style of a seller and then to dress in a fashion that would fit in with their social standing.

examples: upper class rich neighbourhood. wear a business suit. median range middle class. wear khakis and a jacket. lower income families, clean jeans and tennis shoes. those examples are extreme but you get the point.

there is another and easier alternative: wear a uniform. something that relates to all classes. this is the method i chose because there is a wide range of homes and families in the area. i don’t have the time nor the wardrobe that the “fit in” method recommends. (i don’t even own a suit) I decided to go with a navy blue polo shirt with my company logo and the slogan “I buy houses” underneath. With it I will be wearing light color khakis pants and black shoes.

By wearing a uniform your sellers will see your part of a bigger successful entity instead of a well dressed stranger trying to buy a house.

total cost: $95. money well spent for credibility.


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