Day 62: First Phone Call

today the phone rang for the first time from the ad’s i placed in the paper. i went to reach for it.(ring) paused for a moment.(ring) i was nervoius, i had forgotten everything. why was my phone ringing? who was it?(ring) i took a deep breath and let out out. at the same time i reached for my cell phone i also reached for the call script i printed out. (ring)

I fliped open my phone with confidance and greeted the caller. he told me he was calling about my ad. I smiled to myself and began to read the script..
“Yes. My name is Kris, can I get you your first name?”
“Lee? so how can i help you”…..


4 bd. 3 ba. brick cape cod detached garage

1st. $85,000
2nd. $10,000
Pmnt: $785.00 mo.piti
$2000.00 behind on pmnts.

might need windows might need slight
plumbing work.
indicated that he just wants out.

the appointment is set for Thursday. he owes $97,000 it might be worth $95,000 but could get about $110,000 for it.

potential profit $15,000


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