Day 58:Check your credit

Day 58: Check your credit!

keeping you credit good and knowing your credit history is very important. today I checked my credit report at one of the three main credit bureus, exuifax. it’s a shame they are the gate keepers to a very important part of your life and they charge you $14.99 to see what is in your file.

once i paid them and opened my file i noticed my FICO score was pretty low. it’s the number that the banks go by to see if they’ll loan you money. i keep my accounts in good standing, all ways pay on time and never exceed my credit. so i was a bit surprised to see it like that.

after looking around and verifying everything i noticed a few things wrong, they had accounts open that i had closed a long time ago and most importantly i found that there are 2 collections in my name!!

the 2 items that were in collection was an old medical bill and a vet. bill for my ex girlfriends dog. problem is both of these accounts have been paid and should not be there. that’s the reason why my score was pushed so low.

at least equifax allows you to dispute items on line so i stated up an investigation to try and get these sorted out and removed.

ONE IMPORTANT NOTE:never buy your credit report from a third party. all ways go to equifax,trans union,experian. if you buy through a third party and find something is wrong you won’t be able to dispute it. in the sake of making more money for those companies they make sure you buy from them if you want to fix their mistake….

hopefully this wont take to long to resolve and once it is i must visit the two for mentioned other company’s to check and fix there as well. i would like my credit ranking to be back where it should be.


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