Day 55: Legal to operate

Legal to operate:

Yesterday we took the paper work down to the Delaware division of corporations, signed and submitted. It was very easy to do and to top it off it only took a few hours to get our official LLC. documents.

After we received the completed LLC. paper work we headed over to the IRS building and had to apply for a Tax ID number. it’s required for an llc. to do business and open up a bank account. That too only took a few minutes to complete.

The next step was applying for our business licence. We simply submitted our LLC. Docs and Tax Id number, filled out some more papers and received a temporary licence to do business in the state of Delaware. The permanent licence will be mailed.

With that done, It was off to the bank to open up the account. just a simple matter of showing them all the above documents, signing their papers and making a small deposit into the account.

I can’t believe It only took 5 hours to completely set up a business. For some reason it seemed it would be allot harder.

The only other thing left to do is go to the department of corps. in MD and ask permission for our Delaware Corp. to do business in that state.


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