Day 53:Ad's Placed. LLC.

Day 53.

Ads placed:

The meeting with the lawyer went great and he will have no problem closing on any Sub-to deals in De. That was a major hurdle and I’m glad to be over it. I know i will run into other problems but I can’t think of anything else that could bring me to a dead halt.

The day after the meeting I called up the major local paper and placed an ad in the Real Estate for sale section of the Dover Post and also placed one in the airforce base paper, the Airlifter.

The Ad reads:

any location,condition,reason.
no cost to you and fast closing.
Call for a cash offer.

they should hit circulation monday. here’s to hoping my phone rings.


the plan is to do buisness in both DE. and MD. with a partner for this reason we are forming a Limited Liabilty Company. the safest and best way to do buisness with a partner. the paper work is allready prepared and we will be heading down to the office that handles corporations to sign all the legal documents and then get our Tax ID. to open up the buisness bank account.

Deal in Md.

the deal is still a go, the buyer has contacted his bank and working on getting the loan. I still stand to make a large sum of money. I’ll post if anything comes up.


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