Day 15: The Plan

The Plan:

The Idea is to 5X my current income in 1 years time. No, I’m not a Recently graduate of Harvard or Yale. I didn’t just come from law school or medical school. In fact I’ve never gone to collage or to be perfectly honest, finish high school. (yes it was stupid, but I did get my G.E.D.)
Most people might think I’m crazy if i told them I was going to try and earn 5 times my current income of under $30,000 a year. Hell, I might be crazy, that’s not the point. Also as a side note I know $30,000 isn’t poor but It most certainly isn’t Wealthy.

As the Title says “R.E. Investor Project.” My Plan is to gain wealth by Buying, Selling, Repairing, Renting, Flipping, Optioning and what ever else I can think of in the real estate market.

That’s Right, I had no school, No formal Training, In fact I just started 2 weeks ago…

Long Term Goals:

First Goal: Successfully Buy and Sell my first house.
Second Goal: Earn over $10,000.00 from one of the first 3 deals.
Third Goal: Find a Distressed House, Buy, Fix, Resell.
Forth goal: Find a Nice House to Buy then Rent out.
Fifth Goal: Make $150,000+ with in 1 years time.

What I’m Working On Now:

Thought it would be a cool Idea to create this Blog to help myself keep track of my progress as I go along. I’ll post when I have any interesting things to say and hopefully will meet my goals!

Next Up: Soon I’ll post on what I’ve done since Day 1. Hopefully I can make it Interesting Enough.



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