Day: 136 not much.

De. Deal: waiting on the bank to do thier apraisal so we can close and i can take official legal possession. we we’re set to close on sept. 14 but it might get pushed back a few days from waiting on the bank.

there was alitle seller drama, he hadnt returned my calls for a few days. turns out his cell got changed and he finally got back in touch with me.

so far there hasnt been anymore partner issues either. i doubt i’ll be working with him again though. it was very stressful for awhile.

the house is 98% done just a few small things. as soon as i close, then i’ll activly search for a buyer.

been working nights aswell 6PM to 6AM so that threw me off track but im just about used to it now.

as soon as a contract is in place for the DE. deal i’ll take on a new one.

also, im adding a myspace link so if anyone here wants to learn more about me.

all for now.


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