Day 106: cleaning house


well we got in there and completely cleaned out the entiire house. it was crazy we basicly said free stuff and about 15 people came over and started grabing what they wanted. then they helped us throw the rest into the dump truck. when it was droped off at the dump the total weight of everything we through out was nearly 3 tons!

today another propblem came up….the check i sent into for the payment was returned. scary. turns out the seller defulted unter thier assistance program and they want the full amount of around $4000 to bring the mortgage current. i’m going to send it in tomarrow but that changes the whole dynamic of the deal.

the original plan was to sell it “owner financing” to a person who could do repair for a huge discount. profit for myself= around 25,000. NOW i needed to take on a 50/50 partner due to the unforseen exspenses with the house. so the new plan is to completely remodel the house and have him cover all the cost. then split after all exspence. bottom line, im still going to make about 25,000 but now he is going to make about 25,000 aswell.

i’m just begging there isnt going to be any more peoblems getting this property.


they buyer in Md talked to me the other day and is aware of the problem with the tennent in the house. he completely understood and said it wouldn’t effect the closing because we exteded it for him a few times. so we’re set to go on the 12. although things allways can change.


i will continue to talk to people and possably pass deals along to other investors but i’m not going to take on any other project until the md deal is done and the de. deal gets close to being done. it’s to much working on two sinsitive deals and having all the unexspected problems. i have my future riding on this project. I CANNOT FAIL.

(dum dum dum…..Dramatic, isnt it?)


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