I know we haven’t spoken in awhile wanted you to know a few things, but first if your wondering mom and my brother are doing fine. Well I hope everything is going good, where ever it is that your at.

I’m not exactly sure where to began because of how longs it’s been. first I guess I’ll tell you me and that girl i told you about broke up but her and her new boyfriend are doing fine. a part of me will always love her but I finally had let her go.

Don’t be upset though, I met this great girl a few months ago. she says she loves me and treats me great, I know you would like her.

Dad i’m sorry we didn’t talk much. it was hard for me when I was younger. you where always “away”. but I was old enough to understand what that really meant. when you finally came back it seems I didn’t know what to feel or how to act.

I know you made some mistakes with us, o.k. a lot of mistakes but sometimes your heart was in the right place. I guess I was selfish and didn’t want to give you another chance after all the times I think I tried before. I hope you’ve forgiven me.

When you finally got your life together, your business doing well. I know you tried but it is impossible to say “I love you” to anyone including a father I never knew.

However, I am glad god gave me the opportunity to tell you that at least one time but I never got to say how proud I was of you for turning yourself around. If only i hadn’t been so selfish and unforgiving.

I wish I had time to get to know the person you became. I wish you had time to get to know the man I was becoming. But we never got that chance. I wish you could read this letter I’ve written. But you left.

I wish you had a grave where I could visit you at. I miss you.


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