Crazy Cricket

Aaron got a lot of cash for his birthday and asked if we could by him a lizard. We ended up getting a very tiny baby Bearded Dragon. After much discussion, we decided to name him ‘Drake’. Aaron quickly became bored with him, which automatically transferred ownership to me as Robin refuses to do much with it other than saying “Hi, lizard, lizard, lizard.” Drake quickly grew, and so did his appetite for his favorite food: Crickets.

To feed Drake, we usually go and buy 100 or so crickets at petsmart or somewhere similar. We keep them in a small ‘critter keeper’ and feed them to Drake a few at a time. When we first started with crickets, we would just dump the whole bag in Drake’s aquarium but that doesn’t work out so well because after he eats his fill, he just sits there while they just crawl all over his head. It’s very creepy.

So, on the last batch we got, I was dumping the last of the crickets into Drakes cage. A few hours later I notice that somehow one cricket still remained in the critter keeper. I figure he must have been holding on to a piece of the egg carton that was in the small cage and did not come out while I shook it. So I fought with it trying to get it to come out into Drake’s cage and eventually it did.

A few days later all the crickets were gone. I took out Drakes bowl and went to sink to wash it out. To my surprise 3 crickets fell into the sink from the hollow underside of the bowl. I considered trying to round them up but I decided to just rinse them down the drain, while filling the water. All 3 eventually went down.

I came back to the kitchen to make some iced tea and I hear the ‘chirping’ sound from the sink. Sure enough one of those somehow managed to make their way back up. I ran the water on high and the little bastard is hoping around like mad trying to avoid the water, finally he loses his grip and is swept down the pipe again.

Later on I hear it again, and there is the same bastard cricket back in the sink. WTF? What I noticed was that one of his “wings”(?) was broken and discolored not flush with the rest of his body. Sure, crickets all look the same, but this stood out like a sore thumb and thinking back, I am 99% sure this was the same cricket that avoided going into drakes cage the first time, when I thought I had fully emptied the critter keeper.

So I reach in the sink and manage to scoop him up but he escaped my hand and landed on the floor. I thought, this little guy has escaped death 4 times. (hiding in the container, getting under the water bowl, climbing out of the sink drain twice.) Fine, you win, go about your marry way and live a happy cricketty life.

A day or two later and I’m hearing the annoying chirp-chirp coming from the kitchen, more precisely, from behind the refrigerator. I assumed it would stop, but 2 hours later he’s still going at it, so I go in there and shake the refrigerator to try and shut it up. It did. For about 2 minutes.

I’m going a bit nut’s hearing it, here we have this lucky ass cricket that I allowed to escape, and he’s mocking me. I crack. I go in the kitchen and pull out the damn refrigerator. I go to grab him and he jumps right at the last second. I try several times to get him and finally pin him in the corner and scoop him up with my hand.

I was all like, you stupid cricket and he was all like Cricket-Cricket.

Now I’m back at Drakes aquarium, which happens to reside on top of Bear’s cage (our dog). Problem is, the aquarium takes 2 hands to open. So I drop him into the empty keeper, just so I can open the top of Drake’s aquarium. It took him all of .2 seconds to jump back out. I tried to grab him and he jumped behind bears cage (DAMN IT!). So now I got to move the dogs cage to get this little shit.

I finally do.

I throw him in the aquarium. Good riddance.

Problem was it was after 10 pm, and Drake was asleep, so what did our little friend do, continue to chirp all night, that’s what.

The next morning I wake up and and relieved to see a cricket free cage. I thanked my lizard for his service and walked away. Then I stopped and turned around instead. This cricket has proved to be a formidable foe. I removed all of Drake’s toys one by one, examining each one closely to ensure no cricket was hiding. Eventually we got down to 2 things in the aquarium: Drake and the water dish.

I slowly lift up the dish, and guess what…. Yep. There he was. I shook him off and removed the bowl.

Drake Vs. Last Cricket.

Drake immediately sees him and pounces. The cricket, jumped. Drake ended up with a mouthful of bedding and the cricket landed behind him. ( He doesn’t mss often) Drake swings around and tries again, the cricket jumped again. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen him miss twice on the same piece of food.

I’m thinking, fine… I’ll reach in grab him, take him out doors and let him go. You win cricket, you hear me? You win.

As I’m reaching in the cage. Drake ate him.



  1. Joseph Durnal  May 21, 2009

    Awesome :) I’m trying to get Alex to feed my fish while I’m away. He forgot the first morning. But I understand he’s been doing better now.

    I wonder if Robin remembers when we lived in Donna’s “boat house” which was really a real house built without a building permit. Every morning a new cricket would appear in the bath tub, and it couldn’t get out. I would often catch it, and feed it to the taranchula.

    That same taranchula was passed on to Josh, and in the summer we would net grasshoppers in the field and feed them to it. Those were the days!

  2. Megan  May 21, 2009

    Very funny :)

  3. Megan  May 21, 2009

    you know Alex wants a creature of some sort, I think I’ll get a turtle. They eat veggies…lol


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