Hey, all you mother fuckers, listen,
It’s so sad to say, I’ve been chiseled away,
I can, however, raise my hand and share in that blame,
givin too little, but it’s been given, all be it much too late,
I’m stuck in a game, I’m tired, and I’m seasoned with hate,
none of that matters, the bottom line, always the same,
because, if i owe an apology, or if I’ve done you wrong,
after the millionth, ‘I’M SORRY!’, I ‘ll begin again at one,
maybe it’s fucked, and maybe it’s fine, but maybe it’s fate,
the truth, it hurts, and my soul has been laid to waste,
because, when I look in the mirror, and ask my self why,
I might break down, shed a tear, or wither up and die,
Feels like being hit, in the chest, with a ton of weight,
I know, without a doubt, I’ve become, the thing I most hate,
so that’s why, it’s so sad to say, I’ve been chiseled away,
by all you mother fuckers, and you know who you are.



  1. Kris  June 27, 2007

    I was surprised to find a text file with the name of ‘chiseled’ on the laptop. I forgotten all about it. I vaguely remember writing it, but checking the info, it seems that on Friday, January 26, 2007 at 4:43:33 AM, I did. 4 AM? I must have been pretty drunk…That explains it.

  2. Hannah  July 9, 2007

    LOL. Well it was pretty good writing especially for someone drunk.


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