Full Circle

Chasing, hoping for a change, everyone the same, left chasing,
wishing, looking for the one, on the run, or the one, wishing, hiding,
evading all thats real, not to feel, nothing real, still hiding, fighting,
bleeding for a game, forced to play, left fighting, writing,
biding for some time, or the rhyme, out of time, still writing,
hating, missing what had changed, nothing is the same, left hating, fading,
loosing all their trust, crumbling to dust, at last it ...

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Eyes Heavy

Eyes Heavy,
light shines through the blinds
its not dark enough
rest eludes, stress, mind tied up

Eyes Heavy,
this room is ice cold
blankets not warm enough
head ache, memories, mind in knots

Eyes Heavy,
tick tick tock of the clock
and I’ve had enough
half awake, haunted, mindless thoughts

Eyes heavy,
place has changed too much
maybe my life’s not real enough
no end, insane, mind distraught

To tired to sleep…
Eyes heavy…
Eyes heavy…
Eyes heavy…

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Somewhere Familiar

Do you know this place,
have you been here before,
you got a look on your face,
that you want me to ignore,
and I can sense a trace,
sad memory to explore,
you know this place,
you have been here before.

Do you know this place,
have you been here before,
can see it in your face,
please don’t lie no more,
because you can’t erase,
you might lose this war,
you must hate this place,
as you hated it ...

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She Hides

Under analyzed. Taken for granted.
Deserves more credit, though none can comprehend.
Taking advice, taken advantage, very trusting,
of those who would wish to see her fall.
Exploring nothing, ignoring danger, sense of security.
Safe from the world if she hides.

Condescending, reassuring, a red herring.
In disguise, stigmatized, nothing is as it seems.
Mocking those who would speak against her,
attention’s center, standing tall, head held high.
Another brick in a wall of confidence, self contained, self defense.
Adding to ...

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Normal summer night
watched as white clouds floated by
less ordinary
a change in the wind
something i could not describe
feeling not quite right
sound was defining
pretense to an arrival
none would have believed

Chilling speckle
below the hovering crafts
crowds begun to form
world leaders rejoiced
communication was tried
welcome to our world
patient we waited
to hear what they had to say
no responses received

Finally happened
anticipation was strong
then it all went wrong
chose ...

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