Jihad World Wide.

We interrupt this broadcast…

Breaking news, nothing new, live on the scene, time to tune in, they’re ready to stream, you pretend you don’t wanna see but we know you do, seen it before, seen it all, it can’t be nothing new, what ever happened to them, happened to them, it’s better them than you, right? Right. Steady, are you ready? Focus, zoom in, more details at 10, the first scenes begins.
You see a women, crying, bleeding, and she is ...

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The Last Dance

I’m the devil.
Take my hand.
You wanna Dance?
Took too much. (you took to much)
Take some more.
It’s not enough.

Took the test.
You’re beat again.
Cheat to win.
You’re the best.
In a spin.
Never rest. (you never rest)
It won’t stop.
Move so fast.

Forget a sin.
Don’t confess.
Fall of man.
Battle dress.
Real distress.
Bleeding heart (you bleeding heart)
Came apart
You’re possessed

Had no chance.
Let’s continue.
Our last ...

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Wait for the Chorus

Wait for the chorus to come, to take you away back to the few memories worth saving. The weight of all the tears you have cried, is greater than the sum of all good times combined. So when you sing along to your sad favorite song, your voice is diminished and hoarse. With sorrow and regret over what you know and feel, the chorus, the chorus. How it magically seems relevant to your current state or situation, gladly you feel ...

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Come on in, join the party…
In the court room…
This is going to be…
Quite the show
The carnival…
A trial…
Let’s get started…
Who knows how this will go

Let’s meet the judge…
Then let’s pretend, while we practice,
Just maybe… before conviction…
The jury will vote our way
We only act out the roles… assigned to us…
Happily waiting… for the hour of execution…
So let’s pretend while we practice,
So when… our numbers drawn… we ...

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Like it was

back and forth, you and I, all the time
who’s wrong who’s right, it’s all I know, all the time
out of sight, in mind, another fight, waste of time
reduced to seaching for another rhyme

it can’t ever be… like it was,
if it was ever… like it looked,
never ever can it be again,
you and I both know that,
we can’t win.

stuck in the same old mundane
if you really want that then thats ok
blamed ...

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