Hey, all you mother fuckers, listen,
It’s so sad to say, I’ve been chiseled away,
I can, however, raise my hand and share in that blame,
givin too little, but it’s been given, all be it much too late,
I’m stuck in a game, I’m tired, and I’m seasoned with hate,
none of that matters, the bottom line, always the same,
because, if i owe an apology, or if I’ve done you wrong,
after the millionth, ‘I’M SORRY!’, I ‘ll ...

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Sunday Drive

My mind is racing.
I’m trying to think of the perfect thing to say,
and I’m convinced that it won’t be worth hearing,
so I sit in an uncomfortable silence.

Lightning lighting up the dark horizon into witch I’m driving.
Wiper blades continue to wash away God’s latest grace.
The howling wind tells me the storm is moving west.
I’m adjusting my speed on this open highway only to keep the pace.

My fist are clinching.
I’ve become a white ...

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Eyes of a Gunslinger

Caught a glimpse of inspiration.
Then the hesitation. Pull away…
In the glass, love in flames

Still I know that these feelings won’t stay
So while they’re here I’ll say what I need to say

A thousand years since they have seen the likes of me…

Gunslinger, I know there are other worlds than these
The power of Drawing has brought to you, three
And even now, Ka leads you down the path of the beam

There was a time when love ...

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Déjà Vu

When I first awoke on this cold winter day,
I knew not who I was, no feeling, and I could not recall a thing,
The light stung my eyes as i focused on the sky,
It was the brilliant setting sun, that made nothing in this place feel right.

Déjà Vu.

It’s brilliance triggered thoughts of the dying, of hell, and of the dead,
The senseless nature of the sorrow eating away inside my head,
Never have I felt so ...

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Running on Empty

How did we get here,
did we drift apart or were we never really close.
I can’t remember,
if it was you or me who started it first.
late in december,
we both expected the other one to call.
how did we get here,
don’t want to believe you’re really gone.

All of that, it doesn’t matter now.

I want to tell you something truthful,
only the truth is painful,
but If you want the honest truth,
I was more ...

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