Do Svidanie El Diablo

(Until we meet again Satan)

Do Svidanie el diablo.
Fighting the demon within the needle
Do Svidanie el diablo.
No, I dont need you, oh no no,
No, I dont need you.
Do Svidanie el diablo.
Takin’ the demon within the needle…

Ahhhh yes… (WEAKNESS!)

Well met again my darling devil…
No, I won’t leave you, oh no no,
No, I’ll never leave you.

Addiction is a word you can’t ignore.
A gutter superstar. A makeshift whore.
A Black-Tar worshiper. A ...

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The last eye

Permanently vacationing in the land of the blind?
labeled insane for knowing a concept they claim to be a myth
spit upon and scarred a liar for describing the sun
stoned and shunned as the boy who cried wolf
the thousand black clouds that line the dark shadowed horizon
is it my nature to warn of the coming storm?
or is it one more truth…
added to the list of what they refuse to believe in?
disappointment can only be ...

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I think I finally opened my eyes
Awake, I escaped from the lies
Twenty-eight, can I set it right…

This time…
maybe I can do it right, (x3)
this time!

Change! Tell me where have you been?
I’m relieved that you’re here.
Will you release me from my self…
Change! Tell me where have you been!
You’re finally here!
Can you release me from my self!
Change can you save me! I need… help!

I know that she’s lost faith in me…
I ...

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Peak experience

I need more time.
Let me compose my thoughts.
It’s too much.
Please, just a moment longer.
So I can relax.

Scarlett writing in my mind.
The question forming on my lips.
Am I here, am I real?
Am I here, am I real?
Secrets not for us to know.
Not for us to know, not yet.
I never awoke from the darkness.
I had a feeling.
As if there was a connection.
I understood the reason.
For everything.
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Two Seconds

Holding nothing against you or anyone else.
Statistically should I be beside you or by myself?
I know there is a reason. There seems to be, or needs to be. Please.
Are you against me? Treason.
I’m down upon my knees.

Time, it flows steadily. The same as when we bleed.
Two seconds, to these questions, all I give you.
Best it be all you need.

Been told I’m right when I know I’m wrong.
Been told I’m wrong when ...

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