The Band.

Thinking of nothing at all is impossible. So instead I choose to speak my mind for anyone who cares to listen. I want to cover it up and pretend. But the truth is written on my face. Everyone can tell. Everyone knows. And everyone asks. Except the person I really wanted to.

I feel like a dying man on life support. Unwilling to let go but ultra aware the plug can be pulled any time. As crazy as it sounds I ...

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Man on the Street Vs. Man in the Church.

The Man on the street:

Pass me on the street corner…

Can you spare a bill for a vet, Sir?
Stress of war has ruined my mind.
No? I understand.
Maybe you can spare a mere moment then.
Just a moment of your time.
Choose to ignore me.
Don’t want to hear me?
Don’t want to deal with me?
I see the future. Horrifying.
Watch as the world disintegrates in my mind.
Every person dead and burning.
And the cities have ...

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The Trigger

The trigger is pulled…

From the streets a gunshot rings out,
a mother screamed out, from her knees.
From the dark a shooter laughed out,
a child bleeds out, from his heart.
From the soul a sadness cried out,
a world dies out, from her toll
From the game a nightmare played out,
a god fades out, from his pain.

Then the trigger is pulled once again.

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Visist number 694

The floor is covered in broken glass because, once again, she has forgotten who I am. Angry, I try to pick up the pieces and once again it ends with bloodied hands. It doesn’t help her when I get upset, but sometimes I need to because I can’t…
I can’t…
I! … Can’t! … Stand-it!
How can I not think that god is cruel…
How can I not think that god is cruel…
When every day I sit and ...

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Hope, Forlon

Silent prayers, solemn tears, subsistence, a Hope, Forlorn.

War drums beating, intense, rythem of death.
Considering dark thoughts, a Hope, Forlorn.

Adolescent souls of men so eager to die.
For advanced careers or proven worth.
Quiet whispers of a Hope, Forlorn.

The breach now made, the seige soon done.
Firing of guns and the exploding of bombs.
This bloody sympony of deadly cannons.

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