what he did.

I’m sorry for what he did
I can’t believe he hurt you
he always acted like a kid
he always acted like a fool
he hurt you bad & made you cry
I don’t know what his problem was
I really can’t understand why
I don’t blame you for telling him-Good Bye

sweetheart i’m sorry for what he did
you don’t have to cry anymore
dry your strained eye, I’m here for you
all his fault, did it to ...

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Whats to come?

it’s hard to cry
there’s a part of me that died
all my knowledge & all my love
couldn’t prepare me for what’s to come

sounds all around but i’m alone
the walls closing in, afraid of the unknown
everything has changed, been rearranged
and love from god never shown
all my experience and all my dreams
carry me back to where it seems i’m from
It still feels that nothing can prepare me for what’s to come

I scream ...

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the future is the same as it’s allways been
repeating the past again and again
paterns emerge as you watch the signs
it’s just a mater of time; a mater of time

take a closer look the picture changed again
went away and it all re-aranged again
is it just me; I killed the pain again
take some time and see; it will fall away again

open your eyes and you’ll know the truth
an endless cycle, knowlage really has ...

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Mind Game

it’s happening again
stonger than before
and i try to hide
whats really inside
from the eyes of the world
so i smile and i grin
while the torture begins
to me it’s all the same
I know i’m dying within
and then the question came

truth or lies…
what more do i have left to take
mind denies…
but I’ll hold on until i break
my demise…
can you help me before it’s to late
I realize…
it’s ...

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give me a reason or show me a sign
i’ll tell you i’m sorry, please tell me your mine
if i could wish it back or turn the hands of time
everything we were, it would work this time

if it still hurts like you hope it does
then we can change it, could be just what it was
show me you love me and i’ll show you the way
give me your trust, god knows how much i’ve ...

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