Mega Millions 1

Joshua Harris was waiting in line at the liquor store to pay for his case of beer. Josh noticed the advertisement for the Mega Millions Jackpot had changed from his last visit. It now read, “The Largest jackpot in U.S. history could be yours!” He had never played the lottery before, he figured it was for suckers and would rather spend the cost of the ticket on some beef jerky or a bag of potato chips instead of giving his ...

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Letter of Intent.

To you,

A plain white envelope with just your address on it. Who could resist opening it. At first you think it’s just junk mail and you considered tearing it up and tossing it into the trash, right?

It’s o.k. I don’t blame you. Everyone thinks the same thing at first. On second thought this letter could be something important, so you opened it and while still expecting to see advertisements or a credit card offer inside you noticed my neat ...

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The Absinthe Smuggler.

Alright! I’ll tell you what happened. You promised to go easy and I promised the truth. So here it is. Even if you don’t believe it, this is how it happened. I hope you keep your end of the bargain.

The customs agent wouldn’t stop looking at me. I felt his eyes as he gave the declarations brief to the plane’s passengers. It could be paranoia but I would swear he was looking directly at me and only me the whole ...

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The Diary

Picture 3

These are Excerpts taken from the pages of the diary of Danial Marshall.


Dear Diary, It’s a new month and a new entry, It always takes a few days to get back in the habit of writing in you. Where to begin, Well, It’s been a great day. My wife and I took a long walk on the beach. When we returned home she made me dinner. I love her cooking. She made ...

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The Reason I Fired My Secretary



We hear an alarm go off and a man groans from under the blankets. He reaches out quickly swatting wildly at the night stand, trying to silence the alarm. He manages to finally hit the right button only after knocking over his lamp.


He pulls the blankets off his head, groans and rubs his eyes then looks at the alarm clock. The time: 06:45

Two weeks ...

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