Mega Millions 5

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“PENIS!” One of the crazy people loudly screamed, cutting off Michelle before she could finish her sentence. After the one word outburst he didn’t say anything else, he just looked around the room confused, as if he was wondering who had just shouted.

“Well,” Michelle said, “That was most certainly random.”

“Yeah, that’s Cameron. They put him in here for some incident involving hot dogs on a subway train, It’s a long story. He screams out ...

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Mega Millions 4

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“Doc,” Josh said, “I think I’m ready to get out of here.” He was in the office of the new head doctor of Spring Grove, pleading his case. His wife Michelle mistakenly had him committed to a mental institution when she came home one day and found that he had moved their living room into the front lawn. She thought he was on drugs, but as it turned out, he had just misplaced ...

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Mega Millions 3

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Manager Dan, and the rest of the people at the office heard someone scream “HELLO?!” from the bathroom. Everyone ignored the loud greeting, but a moment later they heard the same person quickly scream out the following: “NOOOOO! COME ON! I’M TELLING THE TRUTH! PLEASE WAIT! LISTEN TO ME! PLEASE! DON’T HANG…. “AHHHHHHHHHH-SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! SHIT!”

All the office workers shifted their gaze back and forth between the bathroom door and Dan the ...

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The following note was found in the hands of Father Christopher Lee whose body was recovered in the desert outside of Destiny, New Mexico. Although it does not explain what had transpired in the small town, it does provide some insight into the mind of Jack Smith, who is believed to be the brother of serial killer, Randell Smith. The reason why Father Lee had this note on his person is still a mystery. Although the case is years old, ...

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Mega Millions 2

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Like most days, Michelle had already left for work by the time Josh woke-up that next morning. She had recently taken a part time job at Babbling Brook so she could keep a separate bank account to secretly save up money so that she could one day run off to some tropical island with some someone who’s body resembled that of Fabio instead of the Pillsbury Dough-boy.

It wasn’t that she didn’t love ...

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