Aftermath (2)

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Jacob wanted to run but his body was paralyzed. The four figures looked at each other and then one of them nodded and with out a word the other three walked forward, heading directly to the shriveled dead body.

From where he was hiding Jacob could not tell what the three were doing to the dead man, he watched the forth one who had simply turned his back and seemed to be ...

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A Pile of Ashes

across the street there is a pile of ashes
across the street is where i used to hide
in the night they came when we were sleeping
in the night i cried and cried and cried
when i was alive i had a baby sister
when i was alive i was tucked in every night
now im dead i cant feel moms love anymore
now im dead i cant feel dads light

across the street there is a pile ...

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The Resistance.

My real name is Jared Bish. I am journalist. Like you, I am a member of the resistance. None of you knew me by my real name but I feel like sharing since it no longer is of any importance to keep that information secret. Because of my previous messages and resistance operations, some of you called me a leader, but I’m no leader, I’m just a citizen fighting for what I believe. My guess, I’m just like each and ...

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Universal Transmission

Transmission: Sending

Time Shift Standard : L14X-1

Gal. No. : 9-395302000056-2B

Quadrant : Delta

Sector: D19

Dimensional Plane: 23-Theta-6

Star No. : NT-656763

Planet No. : 3

Spatial Location…….Confirmed
Continuum Time……Confirmed
Intelligent Life………Confirmed
Decipher Ability…….Confirmed

Connection: Acquired

Connection Type: Planetary Computer Network

Complexity Level: 2 / Primitive

Scanning: In progress

Planetary Network Download: Complete

Analyzing Data: Complete

Useful Gain: None

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Nobody ever told me it was going to be so hard to kill myself. I mean, you always hear about the people who ‘attempt’ suicide. People take a hand full of pills, and then they pick up the phone and call a friend or the 911 operator. They didn’t want to die. Pussies. My first thought, was that it would be so easy. Take the pills then don’t call anyone. How hard could it be?


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