I had a good life.

That sentence is what I’ve been telling myself that now for the past five years. I say it to myself every morning when I wake up, every time I step outside, every time I eat, a thousand other times during the day, and every night before I take a handful of pills to force myself into unconsciousness. It doesn’t end there. I say over and over to myself in the nightmares that haunt me. Rinse and ...

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to Hell and Back

Hey, don’t get me wrong, I love my wife. I really, really do. She’s a Great Girl. But sometimes… Grrr! I’m sure you guys know what I’m sayin’, right?

I once told her I’d go to hell and back for her. You know, just trying to be one of those sweet husband that they are always pretending they want. Seemed like a good declaration of love as any. But after some serious consideration, I realize that I fucked up by choosing ...

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Will it hurt?

“Will it hurt?” She asked. A fair question.
“I don’t know,” I said, but really I did.
“Do you think it will hurt?” She asked, looking for hope.
“No, I don’t think it will,” I said, wondering, how could I lie so easily?
“I don’t want it to hurt.”
“It might not.”
“But it might.”
“So what if it does?”
“Will it?”
“Do you want the truth?”
She pretended like she did not already know.
“It will hurt. ...

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Trojan Horse

Some idiot turned the corner of the isle too fast and ran directly into the front of Linda’s shopping chart before she had a chance to maneuver out of the way. Linda’s was about to say: watch where you’re going bitch!, but before the words hit her lips, the baby in the infant carrier started screaming his head off.

“God dammit,” she cursed under her breath, and then to the baby, “shhh, go back to sleep.”

“Linda? Linda is that you? ...

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Aftermath (3)

Back to AFTERMATH part 2

Jacob left the old warehouse and made his way back to the sector sixteen compound.

Sector sixteen was one of the remaining living areas that survived the war. There are rumors that say the great builders of the last era had planed to create fifty compounds, but only thirty-three were fully functional before the project was mysteriously abandoned, and now it was anyone’s guess how many remained. Each compound was built in a central point surrounded ...

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