Shadow Men

Shadow men in the shadow lands
Fleeing from the gallows friend
Knowledge accrued, divisible by two
Torn apart by an invisible truth
Hopeless of having a home found here
Expanding into infinity, We fear
Comprehension of a void, Where
Tangible material, these rational things
Will be lost to the law on which atrophy hangs
Faith is placed in the ethereal and strange
Imaginary beings, silent gods, fictional kings
These thoughts held dear, feelings felt clear
All that was, all that ...

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Far enough.
Fear. No nearer,
No nearer, no nearer.
Still small steps taken,
Pushed from behind.
Three thousand, maybe more,
Requests and demands of a kiss,
Heard from behind.
Ignoring, refusing, protesting, amounts to nothing,
Begging, dealing, pleading, for nothing.
Scrutinized, by all attending, intensely.
Forcing, sub-sequential ungracious
Forcing. The crowns’ hand, unbending.
Kneeling down, slowly.
Peering down, briefly.
Lips touched, gently.
Instantaneously, weeping.

Figures, unknown others, a procession of,
So many others, nodding approval.
Thanking, praising, hugging,
So gently, accepting.
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The Traffic Stop

It was about 1:30 A.M. I was driving down a side road coming up to a stop sign. I flick on my left blinker and make the turn on to the highway. It seemed like I was the only car on the road.

Then I see headlights behind me and the car is fast approaching. I weave into the far right lane to let this guy go by but instead of speeding past, he mimicked me and got back behind me.

I ...

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The corners of your mouth creep up slowly.
Recognize a predators smile…
So demented. So demented and beautiful.

That stare you give me speaks volumes.
In a language no one could understand.
You seem to know how this plays out.
Ready to strike the lethal blow…
So demented. So demented and beautiful.

I turn to ash as a manner of speaking.
I fall to the ground and my heart stops beating.
I dim to nothing like a memory without meaning.
I ...

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Hotel Review

I stopped there on a trip to see my family. It is by far the worst place I have ever stayed. I had planned on staying for 3 nights but left after the first one. You would not believe how utterly repulsing this owner was!

When I arrived this old man was watching, which I’m pretty sure was Fox News. They were doing a piece on that one F’d up church. You know those guys who protest funerals of soldiers and ...

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