Cell Phones and Horror

I just watched the second episode in the second season of in Showtime’s Masters of Horror. The Episode’s title: The ‘V’ Word, Directed by Ernest Dickerson with some ass king special effects by Mr. Greg Nicotero. Unfortunately I am not here to talk about the show itself, but one very tiny problem I had with it, and to be fair, almost all modern horror movies.

Fucking Cell Phones. Directors now days are including small scenes in their ...

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WordPress 2.0.5.

Was I hacked again?

Erlier this evening the site messed up. I wasn’t sure why, I hadn’t changed any features or messed with any code.

I didn’t think much of it perhaps I just needed to upgrade, so I did the upgrade to the newest wordpress version 2.0.5. Since I was doing that, I also upgraded to the latest versions of all plugins and deleting unused garbage.

This required me to disable all plugins and test them each at a time to work ...

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This morning 9rules opened up it’s 5th round of submissions – now closed. One of great things about 9rules is that you can only submit your site during these, few and far between, 24 hour membership rounds. Only a small number of sites are actually accepted from each round, so you know the content in their network is worth reading.

For those not familiar with the 9Rules philosophy:

9rules is a community of the best weblogs in the world on a variety ...

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Link Exchange.

It’s time to make some new blogger friends. There is a new link section ‘SF Affiliates’. If anyone would like to exchange links simply post a comment listing your blog url.

The URL to add to your blog roll is: http://stealthfiction.com

As soon as wordpress verifies there is an incoming link from your site, you’ll be added to the list.


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Google Search Results

I did a check on what people were searching for on Google and thus visited Stealthfiction. I’m a bit shocked by a few of the terms.

Do a google search for “pictures of people peeing on the floor in the mall” and Stealthfiction comes up number 1. yeah, what the fuck? granted I did mention a guy pissing on the floor of a bar during robin’s birthday, and a girl who was tripping on absinthe, pissed on the floor, in the ...

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