This is pretty funny so I thought I would share. Warning: NSFW

“Hey There Delilah”
by John Cheese


Hey there, Delilah, what’s it like to have big titties?
Everytime I fuck your asshole, I imagine Conway Twitty, yes I do.
I fantasize that you’re a dude…
One who’s tattooed.

Hey there, Delilah, don’t you worry about my dicklessness.
I’m just an emo fag,
I’d fuck your younger brother shitless.
Yes I would.
I jack off to “Boys in the Hood.”
I yank ...

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Wanna see a trick?

Re-enactment of the card trick scene done on the subway train from the movie Brother from another Planet. Got to be one of the coolest card tricks I’ve seen, too bad I don’t know the name of it and there isn’t a Youtube Clip that I know of… Thanks to Zak, Here’s the Brother From another planet Cardtrick Clip.


You wanna see a card trick? No, really. It’s a story. Move over. Go ahead, move over. I’m gonna tell ...

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Whats on the Menu 2


I think after writing the What’s On the Menu post, I’ve really gotten things moving on this site again.


The theme i finally chose was Dark_Black by one more revision, which is a mod of the ‘Black Theme’ done by iLEMONed, that I had been using before the Dark_Black came along. Also I did get photoshop and made a simple logo that matches the color scheme. Something I hadn’t planned on was the use of Tags. I’ve added ...

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Microsoft Surface

I just watched the videos for the new “Microsoft Surface.” My first thought was, ‘Wow, Microsoft just announced an Apple product.” If this product ever comes to market as something even remotely similar to the videos that were just released, then what we would have is the first step into ‘Minority Report’ style interfaces.

Most impressing to me was the representation of the ‘Microsoft Surface’ was the demo of the restaurant’s table top menu system. Brilliant.

Some other features:
•Music ...

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Rambo Is Back.

This is the trailer to “John Rambo” (2008) Part four of the Rambo Series. Considering that last year’s “Rocky Balboa” wasn’t a total piece of shit, I felt better about seeing a new Rambo film. Now that I’ve watched the trailer, I can’t fucking wait to see it. The reason is because this 3 minutes and 30 second trailer is more violent and bloody than all three previous Rambo films combined. Sylvester Stallone, although an old man, can rip ...

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