I had a good life.

That sentence is what I’ve been telling myself that now for the past five years. I say it to myself every morning when I wake up, every time I step outside, every time I eat, a thousand other times during the day, and every night before I take a handful of pills to force myself into unconsciousness. It doesn’t end there. I say over and over to myself in the nightmares that haunt me. Rinse and ...

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For Richer, For Poorer

Started out with nothing but I provided for you,
did what was needed to see that we made it through,
a cold winters night with food on the table,
worked our way up and our life became stable,
never made a million but we had the dream,
the house, two cars, and other materialist things,
the money in the bank to get what we wanted,
we wanted nice things, had the cash, so we’d flaunt it,
even if we didn’t, ...

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The Band.

Thinking of nothing at all is impossible. So instead I choose to speak my mind for anyone who cares to listen. I want to cover it up and pretend. But the truth is written on my face. Everyone can tell. Everyone knows. And everyone asks. Except the person I really wanted to.

I feel like a dying man on life support. Unwilling to let go but ultra aware the plug can be pulled any time. As crazy as it sounds I ...

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Man on the Street Vs. Man in the Church.

The Man on the street:

Pass me on the street corner…

Can you spare a bill for a vet, Sir?
Stress of war has ruined my mind.
No? I understand.
Maybe you can spare a mere moment then.
Just a moment of your time.
Choose to ignore me.
Don’t want to hear me?
Don’t want to deal with me?
I see the future. Horrifying.
Watch as the world disintegrates in my mind.
Every person dead and burning.
And the cities have ...

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The Trigger

The trigger is pulled…

From the streets a gunshot rings out,
a mother screamed out, from her knees.
From the dark a shooter laughed out,
a child bleeds out, from his heart.
From the soul a sadness cried out,
a world dies out, from her toll
From the game a nightmare played out,
a god fades out, from his pain.

Then the trigger is pulled once again.

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