NoSleep In July

Welcome to NoSleep

Over at Reddit, there is an interesting sub-community known as NoSleep. It’s (nearly) 80,000 subscriber base makes it a great place to share an original horrific tale. The purpose  is to scare the crap out of each other. The best part, everything is true on NoSleep. By “true” I mean, you are supposed to suspend your disbelief while you are there. The stories need to be scary as hell but also as believable as possible. Basically it’s perfect ...

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Doubt: Gossip

I recently had the pleasure of watching Doubt, the Oscar winning film, staring Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

It is the story about Father Brendan Flynn and Sister Aloysius Beauvier. The Sister believes the father is guilty of something terrible and she is trying to convince the other in the church . The Problem is, there is no proof that he committed a crime, only circumstantial evidence. But she is certain of his guilt, despite the lack of proof. It’s ...

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Smplr 3 Review brought to you by the creator of the most downloaded wordpress theme, recently released Version 3.0.

Smplr version 1, was just a glorified Google search that looked ‘perdy’. You typed in a what you wanted, hit enter and it took you to a google results page. Perfect for those that liked to open up their browser and smile at the elegant start page. But some people don’t care about visuals and Smplr V.1 would not ...

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7 reasons why you will digg this.

Here’s 7 reasons why you will digg this article to the front page.

1. I Feel the same.

I currently like: Apple, Linux, Google, Firefox, Youtube, Web 2.0, Firefly/Serenity, Lost, Family guy, Dane Cook, Colbert, Xbox360, Nintindo Wii, Revision3, and of course Digg.

I currently dislike: Microsoft, Myspace, Bush administration, N.Korea, Fox News, Playstation3

I say ‘currently’ because, like most digg users, I can’t remember what I liked and disliked the month before last.

2. This title is ...

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