7: Good Read

I’ll take a day off from my normal updates and share with you something I just found on a forum that I read often. It’s re-posted without permission, so if I’m asked I’ll take it down, but it’s some good info, and it’s pretty funny, and since it’s relevant to the project I figured it would be worth the share.

Posted by Hotstox:

There is a good chance if you are reading this you fit one of the following builds. Before you ...

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5: Bikes and Balls

Mindset: Slightly Less Hungry. Sore.

Weight: 233 (Target is 185) (Lost 5 Pound Since Start)

Diet: Still lots of water each day. I drink a tall glass when I wake up, another when I leave for work. EAS shakes have been my breakfast and I’ll eat a quick pickle or something just to break up the monotony of the taste. Lunch is still usually a health bar. I kind of like the Met RX Big 100 Colossal. They actually taste O.K. ...

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3: Hunger Pangs

Mindset: Hungry. Determined.

Weight: 237 (Target is 185) (Lost 1 Pound Since Start)

Diet: The last few days I’ve been doing fairly well on the starter diet. Lots of water, a EAS shake or bar for breakfast and lunch, and some kind of normal meal that isn’t over portioned.

On day 2 I ran into a tough situation, A cookout party. I had already eaten my lunch bar, but there was food there and I was asked if I wanted anything, i ...

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0: Time To Get My Ass In Shape

Mindset: Scared. Ready.

Weight: 238 (Target is 185)

Diet: Today I had 1 larger glass of water in the morning and a blueberry nutrigrain bar. Ate 1 single strawberry too. Lunch was a mess when I ordered a large ham sub with mayo, and boardwalk style fries. Later we stopped at subway where I opted out of ordering because I still felt bad about the large horrible lunch. Instead I waited until my wife and son was finished and ...

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