Day 45: Meeting with buyer


We had got the cash offer on my first deal. $95,000. I meet with the buyer tomarrow to go over all the paper work and set a closing date. It seems to be going smooth but anything can happen. Worse Case, if the guy backs out of the deal for what-ever reason, there are several other people lined up to see the property. this deal as it stands rigght now will net me over $40,000 profit. That is more than ...

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Day 37: Day 1 to the first deal

Time for an update.

First and formost, I was away for work for 2 weeks but that didn’t stop me from acomplishing alot.

So where do i stand? well I haven’t done a deal yet but almost everything is ready. Up until day 15 It was all research, reading, asking questions. The best Two programs I’ve read are ‘Subject TO’ by John $Cash$ Locke and Ron Legrande’s Real Estate Course. By Far the best resource I’ve found for anyone interested in Real ...

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Day 15: The Plan

The Plan:

The Idea is to 5X my current income in 1 years time. No, I’m not a Recently graduate of Harvard or Yale. I didn’t just come from law school or medical school. In fact I’ve never gone to collage or to be perfectly honest, finish high school. (yes it was stupid, but I did get my G.E.D.)
Most people might think I’m crazy if i told them I was going to try and earn 5 times my current income ...

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