Day 146: Closed.

We closed on the house and the seller’s are completly out of the picture now.

I have a really interested buyer. want’s to do a cash sale. his house sell’s at the end of the month. we’ll see what happens.

i can’t wait to get this over and done to pick up he next place.

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Day: 136 not much.

De. Deal: waiting on the bank to do thier apraisal so we can close and i can take official legal possession. we we’re set to close on sept. 14 but it might get pushed back a few days from waiting on the bank.

there was alitle seller drama, he hadnt returned my calls for a few days. turns out his cell got changed and he finally got back in touch with me.

so far there hasnt been anymore partner issues either. i ...

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Day 125: First SUCCESS

The flames were getting hot but i made it through on my first success.

MD: after the bank turned down the loan the buyer went to another bank and with out incident agreed to a closing in less than 7 days. i couldn’t help but to think it was going to fall through but as the date approached nothing changed. then on the set day of closing Wednesday Aug 24 2005. my phone rang.

it was the seller.

i was thinking to myself, ...

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Day 117:Close to disaster….

MD: as some of you have been following along this MD deal seemed like it would be cut and dry. man gets loan tenant moves out house is sold. the latest is that the tenant has started to move. really this time. and i may have mentioned we extended the closing date. the closing was missed yet again. REASON: the bank does not want to loan money on a 500 square foot home. the like a minimum of 700sf. normally ...

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Day 106: cleaning house


well we got in there and completely cleaned out the entiire house. it was crazy we basicly said free stuff and about 15 people came over and started grabing what they wanted. then they helped us throw the rest into the dump truck. when it was droped off at the dump the total weight of everything we through out was nearly 3 tons!

today another propblem came up….the check i sent into for the payment was returned. scary. turns out the ...

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