In line

Well it’s time to get the iPhone 3G. First I headed to Annapolis mall because one of the guys told me that they did have them instock. But when I get there, I’m told that they have been sold out all day. I was pretty pissed off for having my time wasted. But maybe it isn’t so bad, I had to go to Delaware tonight for some airforce work so I checked avalibility and found that the store in Delaware ...

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Press Release: Hillary Chooses Rudy As Running Mate.

December 14, 2007 11:15 AM.

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton announces Mayor Rudy Giuliani as Neo-Con running mate.

WASHINGTON, DC – In a shocking move friday, Senator Clinton announced her partnership with former New York City Mayor, Rudy Giuliani. She later went on to explain the logistics of the partnership and their bipartisan run as independents. The attendees of the press conference were buzzing with excitement as they contemplated this latest development in the 2008 presidential race. “I made the decision to leave ...

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Please Ignore Ron Paul

An Open Letter to ‘Old Media’.

Sometimes I wish I understood, but could not seem to comprehend why you do it, but then minutes later I did not give a damn anymore. And that is why you will fail.

Why are you so set on who you want the presidential candidates to be? Is it that you see that the Status Quo is threatened? Is change such a bad thing? Maybe the reason doesn’t matter. In the end of each day, no ...

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Best Democrat Candidate?

Who is the Best Democrat Candidate, and why they should run as an independent if they do not get nominated.
(By a guy who hates the mainstream media’s faked polls)

I’ve given a lot of support to the Republican candidate Ron Paul. I had to actually register as a republican to vote for him in the MD primary because thats where the real battle will be won or lost, basically I think that if Paul wins the nomination, he will win ...

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