Make Shanahan Fired

It looks like the Bronco’s Head Coach Mike Shanahan was fired. I guess the Boncos didn’t think he has anything left to give next season. Here is a poll, Do you think Mike Shanahan should have been fired by the Bancos?
[poll id=”2″]

Thanks for answering. Have something more to say about it, leave a comment. I Personally don’t think Mike Shanahan should have been fired, but that’s just me. Lets see what the polls say.

For your participation, feel free ...

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Making Money Online.

For a long time I wish I could make money online. So just like the ‘Real-estate project’ I’ll try and keep posting and updating to the Project blog. The reason is because, if I do this, it will motivate me to do better. Stay tuned for the introduction.

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Hotel Review

I stopped there on a trip to see my family. It is by far the worst place I have ever stayed. I had planned on staying for 3 nights but left after the first one. You would not believe how utterly repulsing this owner was!

When I arrived this old man was watching, which I’m pretty sure was Fox News. They were doing a piece on that one F’d up church. You know those guys who protest funerals of soldiers and ...

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Land on the Horizon

It seems like forever ago that the rip tide carried us out. The water we are in is still deep, but each day I can see that we have swam a bit closer to shore. The load that we have been carrying is getting lighter. There is still a ton of weight. Nonetheless, I can feel the difference.

I imagine the future, the one in which all of the debt, mistakes, and bad memories are finally off our shoulders. I imagine ...

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John McCain is a Tool.

John McCain released this ad on Barack Obama, calling him a celebrity and comparing him to the likes of Paris Hilton. Watch the ad here: McCain’s Smear Ad

Stinks of desperation doesn’t it? This guy, has become a McBush. Someone that would rather try to smear the person he is running against on the most Bullshit issues, instead of coming up with any real plans on how he would run this county. Tactics like this firmly place the one ...

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