Rich, famous, or both.

As I write this I’m sitting on an air mattress in my otherwise empty house in Dover De. I’m here alone. Right now the room I’m in smells like paint. I’ve just finished up on one of the walls and I’m about to start on the next one.

Looking out the window, I’m reminded why I’m here. There’s a ‘for sale’ (or rent) sign in the front yard. The house has been on the market for a couple of months now ...

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Crazy Insane or Insane Crazy.

Alright, I’ll admit that I’ve been in a messed up in the head for awhile now. I just assume that the world sucks and nobody is really really happy. Things don’t go the way hope or life just kicks your ass or maybe sometimes people just get depressed for no reason. It’s normal, suck it up, don’t be a whiny bastard, and continue on. That’s what you’re supposed to do (I think). The question is, what happens when ...

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Lost and Found: Around the World

Lost and Found: There was a series of journal entries I had posted on the old blogging system. I meant to import them into wordpress but somehow the database had been corrupted. Today I stumbled onto the original text doc from one of those posts. If this was saved, there might be others.

Written: February 19 2004

We are cruising at 32,000 feet – Going from Gaum to Hawaii

After 16 days out of town on this tsunami relief mission, we are finally ...

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Fun With Photobooth

I am now a mac guy. I haven’t wrote up a review yet, but I wanted to show off one of the OS X Apps, Photo Booth. Photo Booth is included on the Mac models that have a built in camera. Basically it can be used to snap a quick photo for email, or whatever. But it includes some neat little video effects you can apply to your picture before you take it. You get a nice live view ...

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Revenge of the fat.

Revenge of the fat: The Second part in the ‘Fat’ series.

Read part one, ‘are you fat?’

Not so long ago, in this damn galaxy (not a far far away galaxy, nobody cares about far away galaxies anyway) there was a man. Nothing remarkably special about him…Just a man. At one point in his life he was a sexy bitch and all the girls wanted him. No, really, stop laughing damn it, they did. It did not last, the evil calorie ...

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