Irish Pub Fiasco

My wife was away for the whole weekend. She was at a 4th of july family reunion. I stayed home and made my own fun.

The following was accomplished with the help of my buddy Jason Hooper, during his 4 day visit.

Things Robin wouldn’t have approved of, that I did anyway:

  • Sneak off to Atlantic city.
  • Play Xbox360 all day long.
  • Go to multiple strip clubs.
  • Even more gambling online.
  • Every meal was fast food.
  • Get drunk at various bars.
  • Beer pong ...
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    Irish Pirate

    For the record, I only planned on going to a friendly game of poker and not the excessive amounts alcohol and the drunken stupidity that transformed me from a lowly unemployed airman of Irish heritage living in Dover DE. to an Irish pirate sailing in unfamiliar waters with only the bare necessities while being chased by another pirate ship intent on sinking our vessel and taking our much desired cargo….

    The Facts:

    Somehow I became and Irish Pirate last night. Before ...

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    I might be Jesus!

    I picked up Robin from work and we went to lunch at the lobby house in Dover. It’s a decent little bar and grill with a nice outside sitting area overlooking a pond. It was a sunny day so we decided to sit outside by the water. We ordered our food, Robin had a Steak wrap and I went with a Pastromi sandwich. While waiting for our food I begin to get bored. I decided to pluck at Robin’s ...

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    Verizon Sucks and my wife tried to kill me.

    So there I was. upstairs in the computer room. Relaxing, playing a lil’ bit of poker online. I remember it like it was just 4 days ago… the date was Apr. 1 2006……….4 days ago.

    The unthinkable happened. my Verizon Internet connection dropped out right in the middle of a tournament. “Oh no” I exclaimed! “if the connection doesn’t come back, then my entry fee shall become forfeit!”

    I call Verizon and bitch at them for incompetence, yet they claim it ...

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    Robin's Birthday Bash

    Robin’s Birthday: The series of events from my point of view 2 PM Saturday until 2 AM Sunday.

    1 surprise birthday party
    1 bottle of grey goose
    1 bottle of yeggermeister

    2 containers of cranberry juice
    8 can’s of red bull
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