Broken chains

Set Yourself Free
You Don’t Understand Who I Am
It’s So Hard To Please Everyone
But I’m NOT Sorry I Can’t Be
Exactly What You Want Me To
Because I’m Sick, Sick And Tired
Of Everything I’m Going Through
Living My Life Isn’t Easy
Can’t Wait Until I Am Free…Free

It Was Tough Enough Without You
Lost All Hope, But I Learned To Cope
When You Walked Away, Walked Away
You Know I Will Make It On My
Own…Keep Walking…I Don’t Need You
Feeling Fine…I’m O.K……Alive
I’m Alive…Now The Mistakes I Made
Don’t Mean A God Damn Thing…Free

Hey Why Are You Looking At Me
You Disowned Your Blood, Turned You Back
And Walked Away, Don’t Want You Back
Look In The Mirror, Not At Me
See The Truth, Your The One To Blame
You Planted The Seed That Made Me
I’m Not A Mistake…Know, Now See
Never Got A Chance To Grow…Free

Never Forget, Never Forget
All The Torment And Pain You Caused
How Am I To Forgive, Forgive
You Don’t Deserve Nothing From Me
I Can Walk Away, Walk Away
So Easily…Just Like You Did
So Now I Leave You Here…Alone
I’m What You Made Me, But I’m…Free


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