Doubt: Gossip

I recently had the pleasure of watching Doubt, the Oscar winning film, staring Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

It is the story about Father Brendan Flynn and Sister Aloysius Beauvier. The Sister believes the father is guilty of something terrible and she is trying to convince the other in the church . The Problem is, there is no proof that he committed a crime, only circumstantial evidence. But she is certain of his guilt, despite the lack of proof. It’s ...

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The Traffic Stop

It was about 1:30 A.M. I was driving down a side road coming up to a stop sign. I flick on my left blinker and make the turn on to the highway. It seemed like I was the only car on the road.

Then I see headlights behind me and the car is fast approaching. I weave into the far right lane to let this guy go by but instead of speeding past, he mimicked me and got back behind me.

I ...

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Plinky Review.

picture1 Review

Plinky is the newest contender in the micro-blog ring. It is an eclectic Q&A service. At the intersection of questions-and-answers services and social networking, Plinky opened up to everyone Thursday Jan 23rd 2009.

The really cool thing about Plinky is thay it offers up daily assignments called “prompts” for users to fill out, then share with others, be it on Plinky or on their existing social networks ...

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Make Shanahan Fired

It looks like the Bronco’s Head Coach Mike Shanahan was fired. I guess the Boncos didn’t think he has anything left to give next season. Here is a poll, Do you think Mike Shanahan should have been fired by the Bancos?
[poll id=”2″]

Thanks for answering. Have something more to say about it, leave a comment. I Personally don’t think Mike Shanahan should have been fired, but that’s just me. Lets see what the polls say.

For your participation, feel free ...

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Tim Burtons 9 Movie Trailer News

Welcome to 9 Movie News

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9 Movie Trailer Review

Tim Burton’s 9 looks AMAZING! 9 is a computer animated film produced by Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov best know for ...

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