7: Good Read

I’ll take a day off from my normal updates and share with you something I just found on a forum that I read often. It’s re-posted without permission, so if I’m asked I’ll take it down, but it’s some good info, and it’s pretty funny, and since it’s relevant to the project I figured it would be worth the share.

Posted by Hotstox:

There is a good chance if you are reading this you fit one of the following builds. Before you ...

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5: Bikes and Balls

Mindset: Slightly Less Hungry. Sore.

Weight: 233 (Target is 185) (Lost 5 Pound Since Start)

Diet: Still lots of water each day. I drink a tall glass when I wake up, another when I leave for work. EAS shakes have been my breakfast and I’ll eat a quick pickle or something just to break up the monotony of the taste. Lunch is still usually a health bar. I kind of like the Met RX Big 100 Colossal. They actually taste O.K. ...

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3: Hunger Pangs

Mindset: Hungry. Determined.

Weight: 237 (Target is 185) (Lost 1 Pound Since Start)

Diet: The last few days I’ve been doing fairly well on the starter diet. Lots of water, a EAS shake or bar for breakfast and lunch, and some kind of normal meal that isn’t over portioned.

On day 2 I ran into a tough situation, A cookout party. I had already eaten my lunch bar, but there was food there and I was asked if I wanted anything, i ...

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0: Time To Get My Ass In Shape

Mindset: Scared. Ready.

Weight: 238 (Target is 185)

Diet: Today I had 1 larger glass of water in the morning and a blueberry nutrigrain bar. Ate 1 single strawberry too. Lunch was a mess when I ordered a large ham sub with mayo, and boardwalk style fries. Later we stopped at subway where I opted out of ordering because I still felt bad about the large horrible lunch. Instead I waited until my wife and son was finished and ...

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Crazy Cricket

Aaron got a lot of cash for his birthday and asked if we could by him a lizard. We ended up getting a very tiny baby Bearded Dragon. After much discussion, we decided to name him ‘Drake’. Aaron quickly became bored with him, which automatically transferred ownership to me as Robin refuses to do much with it other than saying “Hi, lizard, lizard, lizard.” Drake quickly grew, and so did his appetite for his favorite food: Crickets.

To feed Drake, we ...

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