NoSleep In July

Welcome to NoSleep

Over at Reddit, there is an interesting sub-community known as NoSleep. It’s (nearly) 80,000 subscriber base makes it a great place to share an original horrific tale. The purpose  is to scare the crap out of each other. The best part, everything is true on NoSleep. By “true” I mean, you are supposed to suspend your disbelief while you are there. The stories need to be scary as hell but also as believable as possible. Basically it’s perfect ...

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Shadow Men

Shadow men in the shadow lands
Fleeing from the gallows friend
Knowledge accrued, divisible by two
Torn apart by an invisible truth
Hopeless of having a home found here
Expanding into infinity, We fear
Comprehension of a void, Where
Tangible material, these rational things
Will be lost to the law on which atrophy hangs
Faith is placed in the ethereal and strange
Imaginary beings, silent gods, fictional kings
These thoughts held dear, feelings felt clear
All that was, all that ...

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Far enough.
Fear. No nearer,
No nearer, no nearer.
Still small steps taken,
Pushed from behind.
Three thousand, maybe more,
Requests and demands of a kiss,
Heard from behind.
Ignoring, refusing, protesting, amounts to nothing,
Begging, dealing, pleading, for nothing.
Scrutinized, by all attending, intensely.
Forcing, sub-sequential ungracious
Forcing. The crowns’ hand, unbending.
Kneeling down, slowly.
Peering down, briefly.
Lips touched, gently.
Instantaneously, weeping.

Figures, unknown others, a procession of,
So many others, nodding approval.
Thanking, praising, hugging,
So gently, accepting.
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We’re back

We’re back after being down for a few months. It took awhile to get the database working. Problem is the idea for the creative community is lost for now. There is just no way to prevent or stop anther hacking or spamming attack with the current state of the needed software. I am truly sorry for anyone who was interested in the idea. I still have the backups of all your stuff, so if anyone needed anything, please let me know. For ...

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